By Elizabeth Dunkleberger DDS PC
July 23, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Invisalign  

Learn more about these clear aligners that could fix your crooked smile.

As we grow up we have enough things to worry about—bills, rent, our jobs, to name a few—we don’t want to have to worry about our Invisalignsmiles, too. Our smiles say a lot about us, and a healthy, straight smile can help make social and professional settings significantly easier. If you’ve been thinking about what a straighter smile could do for you but you’re concerned about sporting traditional metal braces, then it’s time to talk to your Highlands Ranch dentist Dr. Elizabeth Dunkleberger about Invisalign.

How Invisalign Works

These nearly invisible aligners are custom-made based on specific measurements taking from your Highlands Ranch dentist. Made from thermoplastic material, under a certain temperature this material can become easily moldable and then harden again upon cooling. This allows the lab to create a flexible yet form-fitted series of aligners that are made especially for you.

Each aligner in your treatment plan has a special job, which is mapped out ahead of time by your Highlands Ranch dentist. Every new set of aligners is designed to shift certain teeth into very specific positions. Over time, this helps you get the straighter smile you want. Every two weeks you will replace your current aligners for the next set, which will continue to shift your teeth gradually.

This thermoplastic material allows your Invisalign aligners to move your teeth the appropriate amount by using controlled force. Not only does Invisalign control the amount of force used, but also the timing of that force. Your Highland Ranch dentist will create a treatment plan for you before you get your aligners to help determine how your aligners should be made.

Once you get your aligners, you should wear them all the time, only removing them to brush, floss, eat or drink. This equates to wearing them around 20 to 22 hours out of the day. Wear them any less than this and you risk delaying your treatment. On average, most adults can expect to get a straighter smile in about one year with Invisalign.

Could Invisalign be the right orthodontic treatment for you? Find out by scheduling a consultation with your Highlands Ranch dentist today. It’s never too late to get your ideal smile!